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Our purpose...

The Chicago Regional Committee on Underground Corrosion (CRCUC) functions as a Technical Committee and constitutes a clearing-house for the exchange of engineering information on corrosion problems arising in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and 4 counties in Indiana.

The CRCUC will only work as a clearing house for cases relating to corrosion. The individual member companies will keep any records that are required, as required by DOT.

Midwest Electrolytic Committees

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The CRCUC is a service created by and in service to the operators of underground facilities, for which Cathodic protection is required, in a communal effort for the betterment of public safety and to comply with
cfr192 and 195. This service in no way imparts any responsibility or liability on the part of the CRCUC or its supervising members for the proper operation, engineering, or construction of Cathodic protection equipment.
By agreeing to participate and utilize the CRCUC, all members are hereby accepting the bi-laws agreed upon and shall not hold the CRCUC liable for any damages done to their pipelines.

Stray Current

§192.473 External corrosion control: Interference currents.
(a) Each operator whose pipeline system is subjected to stray currents shall have in effect a continuing program to minimize the detrimental effects of such currents.

(b) Each impressed current type cathodic protection system or galvanic anode system must be designed and installed so as to minimize any adverse effects on existing adjacent underground metallic structures.

§195.577 What must I do to alleviate interference currents?
(a) For pipelines exposed to stray currents, you must have a program to identify, test for, and minimize the detrimental effects of such currents.

(b) You must design and install each impressed current or galvanic anode system to minimize any adverse effects on existing adjacent metallic structures.


Bi-Law: All cases will be removed from the active list after 2 years from being initially opened, unless they are being actively worked on.