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From: Mark Kocak
Subject: Case 2023-8

Case Number:2023-8

Owner Company : Cleveland Electric and Illuminating Company (CEI)
Preparation Date : Tue, Mar 28 2023
Proposed Testing Date : Sat, Apr 08 2023
Name : Mark Kocak
Phone Number : 4409830334
Email :


Reason For Case : Rectifier
Rectifier Type: Constant Voltage
Ground Bed Type: Deep Well
Rated Rectifier Output-Volts : 33
Rated Rectifier Output-Amps : 22
Intended Volts: 20
Intended Amps: 22
Status of Case : Proposed


County: Lorain
Municipality: Amherst
GPS Coordinates Latitude: 40.2345
GPS Coordinates Longitude: -81.1234
Companies Involved: TC Energy (Trans Canada)(ANR), Duke Energy (DUKE), Momentum Midstream Pipeline (MMP)
Additional Location Details: Testing Form – NOT A REAL CASE